Ahead of the 2018 Regional PBI, NAR Communications Intern Alexander Rijpma sat down with the PBI coordinator, Debby Karemera, to discuss new additions to this year's program, the PBI's continued emphasis on critical thinking and home-grown solutions and what participants can expect to take away from this unique and enriching experience.

INTERVIEW: While NAR recorded a number of successes in 2017, it also envisages a more interesting future. Alexander Rijpma talked to NAR's Program's Director ERIC MAHORO who reviewed that past year and talked about an exciting 2018 ahead.

By Peter Ndahiro
Last year (2017)'s commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights by Never Again Rwanda, came under an anniversary that made it unique to all those that had come before it.

By Peter Ndahiro

The Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) and HIVOS are implementing a project on “Community action to prevent and manage conflicts and human rights violation in the Rwenzori region in Uganda”.

By Florence Batoni

Community exchange is one of NAR’s platforms where members of spaces for peace who are undergoing trauma healing meet with community members.

By Sonia Tona

ASOLATE (Association for Youth Literacy and Trades Education), is a program that teaches former street children and child soldiers basic literacy and a trade that can allow them to pursue a career

By Sonia Tona

By engaging reputable stakeholders representing government institutions, civil society organizations and academia, NAR’s team of researchers aims at seeking guidance on how best to improve the methodology and data collection tools.

The author has used pseudonyms to protect the identity of the members of these spaces.

“I used to hear the words Hutu and Tutsi, and I thought we were different. But when I came to this space, I found that we are the same.

By David Kezio-Musoke

Millennial generation should pave a peaceful ways for the next to promote healing and must have the skills to do that. 

By Eric Birori

 Youth  were urged  to build peace in their communities and shun anything that would create absence of peace. 

By Maureen Guma

Conflict in Africa has become the tune of the day; as you read this, over 10 African countries are having either conflict, armed struggle for civil unrest and countless others are recovering from conflict. 

By Bonny Mukombozi


Some of the core values of a post conflict governance model, are participation; collaboration, and ultimately empowerment of citizens.