SIT student get to learn from NAR visit

Students from the School for International Training (SIT) visited Never Again Rwanda (NAR) to get a deeper understanding of the peacebuilding and reconciliation process in Rwanda following the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.


Eric Mahoro NAR’s, the Director of Programs while representing the Country Director, shared NAR experience in reconciliation and healing and the role the institution is playing as a civil society organization to sustain Peace, not only in Rwanda but also in the region.

Students viewed the NAR profile video for a better understanding of the Vision, Mission, best approaches and the different success stories.

Mahoro highlighted the various approaches used by NAR to build sustainable peace. He pointed out ‘Participatory Governance’ and the ‘Societal Healing for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda’ program and also talked about the ‘Great Lakes Regional Peace Building’ program.

Students got an opportunity to interact in a question-and-answer session where most of the interventions revolved around the interdependency of governance and healing and the effort of the government to handle ethnicity.

The students also queried about Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and their role in peacebuilding as well as the role of NAR in the regional peace stability.

Students concluded the visit with a positive note. They intimated that the visit helped them better understand the tragic history of Rwanda and the encouraging journey that the country has taken towards reconstruction.

“This gives me a clear picture of the huge work ahead of humanity.  Thank you NAR for your message on peace”, signed Leah B, the students leader.