Research & Advocacy

Designing data driven programs and interventions

Research & Advocacy-

NAR’s research pillar is cross cutting in a manner that it supports the organization to implement based on informed background secondly the pillar promotes evidence-based advocacy and supports various stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Participatory Action Research

NAR uses participatory action research (PAR) methods to identify key challenges to peace and to reinforce the importance of public participation as a foundation for effective decision-making and good governance. This research gathers citizen priorities that will guide advocacy efforts to inform politicians of citizens’ needs and help to improve public policy.

PAR also helps to study different issues in peacebuilding, and to document existing peace and reconciliation initiatives, best practices, challenges and tools that will help to understand existing strengths and gaps in healing and reconciliation. In addition the research pillar has particular thematic areas of intervention to focus on when conducting research; however this is not limited to only specific thematic research areas.