About NAR


Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is a peace building and social justice organization that arose in response to the 1994 genocide perpetrated against Tutsis. Guided by a vision of a nation where citizens are agents of positive change and work together towards sustainable peace and development, NAR aims to empower Rwandans with opportunities to become active citizens through peacebuilding and development. NAR places a particular emphasis on the youth as the future of a peaceful society. NAR is one of the leading national peacebuilding organizations with nearly 13 years of experience building a cornerstone for peace.



A society that enjoys sustainable peace and development driven by creative, active and critical-thinking youth and citizens



To enhance citizens’ capacity to analyze the root causes of conflict, facilitate dialogue and appreciate diversity among citizens in order to generate ideas and activities that work towards sustainable peace and socioeconomic development.



Core Values

NAR believes in the values of Respect for Diversity, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Teamwork, and Excellence.

  • By Respect for Diversity we mean– We are all equal human beings worthy of dignity and therefore we should respect our differences and embrace diversity
  • By Integrity we mean- We will be truthful and honest in everything that we do and in working with stakeholders
  • By Passion we mean- We are committed to the work that we do
  • By Innovation we mean- We are inspired to find new approaches to empower youth and citizens
  • By Teamwork we mean – Unity of purpose in the organization
  • By Excellence we mean – We strive to deliver quality services and products to all of our stakeholders